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We have been pioneering Web3 and developing innovative technology since 2017.

We understand the marketplace better than most providers, and our experience and expertise allow us the opportunity to work with some of the most recognized brands in the world.

Our Mission

Enable enterprise companies and brands to understand and tap into the reality that NFTs and NFRs will be the digital status and currency of the future.


Over 10-years of enterprise blockchain experience

Over 20-years of global brand experience

Over 4-years of NFT experience

Over 24-years of gaming experience

Our Executive Team

Deep experience in branding, media, and technology


Christian Ferri

Founder and

Chief Executive Officer

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Jeff Mallett

Co-Founder and

Chief Technology Officer

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Evelyn Hytopoulos

Co-Founder and

Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Tom Lammers

Vice President of Sales

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Our Board

Proven leaders, subject matter experts, thought leaders

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Andrew Zalasin

GP - VU Ventures

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Young Sohn

Former President - Samsung

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Chad Stender_edited_edited.jpg

Chad Stender

GP - Seventy-Six Capital

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Mike Vorhaus

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Board Member - Draft Kings

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Gaetano Sciuto_edited.png

Gaetano Sciuto

CEO - Giorgio Armani

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Charles Huang

Founder - Guitar Hero

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Matteo Dolci_edited.png

Matteo Dolci

Former Executive - Ferrari

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Irina Shames_edited.jpg

Irina Shames

Former Head of Marketing - Lionsgate

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Jonathan Chen_edited.png

Jonathan Chen

CEO - Liknon and Ascendant Biotech 

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Yoshio Osaki_edited.jpg

Yoshio Osaki

CEO - IDG Consulting

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NFT PRO is a technology that simplifies creating, minting and launching NFTs for enterprise brands. We offer a full range of services from start to finish and beyond. Our proprietary methodology ensures each launch is consistent and sustainable.

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