How the Nature of Design and Culture Itself Will Need to Change

Now, if we’re talking about art, we think about what the role of designers might be in a Web3 world. And I’m not specifically talking just about a clothing company or fashion company or designer that creates skins for video games. I’m talking about any source of art or design which could be manufacturing powered by Web3 for 3D printing. Or it might be architects that will be designing entirely new cities, entirely building a new world inside the metaverse. And so, the role of designers will change considerably, and the element we need to consider here is that Web3 will really help them not only track, but also monetize, their art indefinitely. 

Something that designers today are struggling with is really being recognized and being paid for what they’ve done over time—something that will be solved by Web3. 

The other thing is creating the use cases to some of the digital designs that will be created. So, we know that, for that reason, thinking about programmatic smart contracts based on NFTs used for 3D printings, where you could buy designs of elements for your house or for your office or for your car, by paying a designer who built that for 3D printing purposes. Entirely new buildings or architecture for real life or metaverses. So, I think the designers will play a really interesting and pivotal role, and define a new renaissance based on Web3. We also have to think about culture, and our culture will change. 

So, as you go out there and you start thinking about a Web3 venture, the culture element will be shaped considerably. Simply because the cultural Web3 company is not just the employees, the partners, the VCs, but also the community itself. Everything starts with the community. A company that provides services or products to a community in a Web3 world will have to really cultivate and embrace the culture of the community first. As I was saying, it’s the reverse, you start from the community, from the culture of the community, and define your company around it.