Message to World Leaders


Christian, if you were addressing the leaders of the world on Web3, on the stage of the United Nations, what message would you give them?


First thing is to keep an open mind. Web3 can be scary for most, especially governments when they have to safeguard the, the livelihood of thousands of millions of citizens, um, Web3 can be really scary as they think about losing control and be[ing] fully decentralized. Well, fully decentralized doesn’t mean losing control of it, and there’s different tiers and types of blockchains to be used. Web3 is a big world, um, a big world that really embodies tons of technologies, so the first thing I would say is keep an open mind, but also, do enough research before trying to, quote on quote, control the technology. 

Um, as opposed to Web1 and Web2, Web3 is a technology oftentime cannot really be controlled fully. And so, the, the—you know, my best advice would be to first understand the technology and technologies that are part of Web3, and trying to make up and come up with a system that will enable the technology to take hold for beneficial use cases, positive use cases, that will make life easier for your countries and your citizens, that will make life easier for your companies in terms of transacting with foreign entities and banks, um. The first thing that regulators tend to do is regulate and my, my element to it is keep an open mind, trying to understand first and work again with the community. Work with the community that is using Web3 today, to develop a set of technology and use cases that can be really beneficial to you and your countries. 


Christian Ferri, Founder and CEO of Web3 Pro, thank you so much for talking with us today. 


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