Why Web3 is Revolutionary


Christian Ferri, good morning. You’re the founder and CEO of Web3 Pro. You’re a globally acclaimed blockchain pioneer since 2010. You’ve authored a seminal book on the subject. You’ve founded the Blockchain Compliance Foundation. You’ve advised companies such as Walmart, HP, AT&T, Atari, and Sapien. You’re a guest lecturer at Cornell. You’ve been the keynote speaker at more than 60 events, including the World Economic Forum, S&P Global Platts, and the Blockchain Economic Forum. Tell us, Christian, why the new world of Web3 is going to be so transformational.



Dev, Web3 will create a revolution. It will be a mixed reality system for human beings, where they’ll live part of their life in the physical world and part of their life in the digital world. It’ll become a truly important revolution for our society and for the new digital world. There will be profound consequences on identities and sub perceptions, and how people will interact with each other. Obviously, this evolution will bring new challenges but also beautiful new horizons that will emerge from such a disruptive technology.