NAAS platform features

  • Instant setup
  • Cost efficient
  • Powers any use case which requires NFTs
  • Cloud agnostic
  • Blockchain agnostic
  • Low-code and language-agnostic development environment
  • API-based
  • Ensures transaction verification by all parties through smart contracts
  • Powers any use case that can benefit from proof of authenticity and provenance

Use cases

  • Authentication of identities
  • Authentication of licenses
  • Real estate transactions
  • Vehicle transactions
  • Sensitive file handling
  • Smart auditing
  • Insured asset tagging
  • Retention programs for employees, partners, and customers

The power of the NAAS platform

Cloud providers get cloud consumption, data, access to front office, and the power to disrupt enterprise applications.

Global system integrators get customization and new revenue streams from Next Gen Architecture capabilities.


Harness the power of NAAS

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