The Operating Culture of the Company


Evelyn, in your current role of Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Web3 Pro, which elements of your global academic background and worldwide insights are you bringing into developing the user experience for your clients and your partners? 


That’s a great question. So, having worked across four continents, um, studied in different countries, and, you know, the types of studies I have done, have all been brought into play in running this company. So, everything from problem identification, looking at the business holistically, um, and seeing issues within to what problems we’re actually solving and making sure that our solution is tailored exactly to the intended consumer and intended industries. All of that is backed up by thorough industry and competitive research to make sure what we’re doing is not only innovative, not only cutting edge, but relevant and implementable in the current business. 

In the day-to-day, I’m partnering with the CTO to work on things like evaluating optional paths forward in our technology, looking at what platforms we should build on or not, how we scale effectively, and really defining the development process so that we are a business that is constantly evolving in the most efficient way to reach our goals. This is obviously paired with analysis that’s backward-looking and forward-looking, so we’re keeping pulse on things at all times. Prototype planning, and all of this comes into play in creating the development environment for a truly scalable and successful business. 

So aside from the technology itself, it’s also so important to make sure that we’re achieving these goals, that we are doing performance analytics, gathering the right data to make sure what we’re doing is the right solution, and ___ with __ testing to measure efficiency, to measure potential causal impacts that we will have, and also do some predictive analytics to look at where we’re going and how people are going to adhere to our platform, how it’s going to interact and impact other parts of business, and how it’s going to transform industry in general. So, I’m looking at everything from the product itself to how we measure the product and how effective it is, to how the product is integrated with clients and partner businesses, to enable transactions that are instantaneous, that there’s authentication and provenance of these transactions, and that the cloud storage that we’re using is the best solution, and also it includes the gamut of possible solutions our customers could be using.