by Jeff Milligan, Vice President, Customer Success, Web3 Pro

Web3 Pro has a proven track record of pioneering innovative Web 3.0 technology since 2018. Since then, the Palo Alto-based company has become the leading solutions provider to enterprises creating NFTs, digital goods, and digital records for their brand marketing strategies. Web3 Pro has experience in branding, media, and technology, with more than 10 years in enterprise blockchain solutions along with 24+ years in gaming and 20+ years in global brand marketing.

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NFTs are bought and traded in a $41 billion digital marketplace. Many are coveted by collectors, investors, and those among the 3 billion+ gamers in the world. Web3 Pro has the experience and knowledge of how NFTs can drive brands’ awareness, loyalty, and demand among their target audiences. Web3 Pro helps its enterprise clients navigate the technical and strategic complexities of NFT marketing.

Web3 Pro’s first industries in focus are entertainment, music, sports, and luxury goods, but this is just the beginning. Web3 Pro plans to scale and enter new markets, providing its unique offering across a diverse variety of segments.

Christian Ferri is Web3 Pro’s founder and CEO. He is a blockchain pioneer, a proven expert, and passionate author and speaker on the topic. Web3Pro’s clients include Lamborghini, Ducati, Atari, Adidas, Juventus, and Sotheby’s. The company board includes the former president of Samsung, the global CEO of Giorgio Armani, the founder of Guitar Hero, and the former head of marketing of Lionsgate.

Web3 Pro’s technology consists of three solutions:


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  • NFTPRO: The #1 enterprise-grade Web3 marketing engagement tool enabling CMOs to drive increased retention, higher CLV, cross-sell, and up-sell while gaining new insights about user preferences by demographics, geography, and spending.
  • GEER: White-label marketplace for IP owners to distribute their digital likeness inside any digital environment such as video games, metaverses, and AR/VR applications.
  • NFR-as-a-Service (NAAS): Enterprise-grade configurable tokenization backend allowing instant NFR capabilities that can power any NFR-based use-case requiring authenticity, trackability, or programmability of records.

Web3 Pro is a leader in NFT marketing and its platform enables NFT brand campaigns to be executed in a seamless and scalable fashion.